These pages are written in the detail and using the terminology required for doctors and other health professionals. A full explanation of porphyria is given, as well as practical details of diagnosis and management.

You will also find a range of useful additional information difficult to source elsewhere, such as guidelines for the management of specific diseases in the presence of porphyria, on ordering haem arginate, on pregnancy and delivery and so on. We will continue to adding to these, often in response to specific questions addressed to us by our clients. We welcome your suggestions.


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You may wish to refer your patients to the PATIENTS' SECTION. This contains the core information they need to understand porphyria and how to live with it.


The intention of this website is to provide patients and health care professionals with the information to make informed choices about the management of porphyria. It is not intended as a substitute for personal consultation between patient and doctor. All medical management relating to the care of porphyria must take place under the supervision of the patient's own doctor. The authors accept no responsibility for any error, difference of opinion or any adverse consequences arising from or occasioned by the use of information published on this website.